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Evolve through Creativity.
Feed Your Soul with Art.

What do we humans need to be happy?

How can we liberate ourselves from that which is hurting us, weighing us down, or caging us?

What do we need to come truly home within ourselves?

How do we become strong yet vulnerable, independent yet united?

How do we become the leader the world craves
in times of volatile circumstances, uncertain futures, chaotic environments, and ambiguous meaning?

To answer these questions my work is a combination of transformational executive coaching + paintings. My art is the exploration of what I call “Embodied Intellectual Paradoxical Symbolism”. My style combines deep complex concepts of the mind with ancient, mystical, and spiritual symbols and universal codes, in order to connect themes others perceive as unrelated or contradictions while in deep feeling and listening connection with our body.

My intention is that when you look at my art, that you feel a resonance between the painting and your body, partly because symbols often trigger something subtle yet powerful inside us: A yearning, a desire, a painful awareness of something missing. Perhaps it can be even something you longed for like liberation from stress and shoulds, peace from financial struggles, fulfillment in your work... Yet you were looking elsewhere for answers outside yourself because you lost the connection and trust to find the answers within yourself. My art pieces are maps for you to find your way back home within yourself.

My inspiration comes from a long personal battle between my publicly perceived persona and my own inner world experiences. Have you ever felt that what people said about you and what you experience inside yourself doesn't match? That's what I'm talking about. I call it the "pain of internal-external dissonance" or the "big gap".

The gap between the two made me feel not seen or understood and often quite lonely. How does it make you feel?
As hard as I tried to be a clear verbal communicator in many years as an executive coach and trainer in the corporate world, there was often a void of communication I wasn’t able to bridge, an abyss I could not fill. These tensions even manifested in illness, until a sentence in a book woke me up: “Benign tumors in women are often suppressed creativity.” Less than two months after reading that sentence I published an international bestselling book and started joining art classes again after nearly 30 years without having had a paintbrush in my hand. I tried a number of simplistic art classes before discovering the Intentional Creativity school by Shiloh Sophia.

I strongly believe creativity is our birthright and suppressed creativity leads to inauthenticity, depression, and sickness. 
I also strongly believe, that happy leaders are better leaders. Your happiness is your biggest gift to the world.

Art is now a lifestyle in which I take my healing, liberation, and empowerment into my own hands.  All my paintings are based on a paradox: I set a very clear intention. I focus on a goal. Yet then I let go of knowing which color to use or what I ‘should' do next and tune into the canvas. Deep listening and faith guide the movement of my hand holding the brush, the choice of the color, and the shapes that I paint.

Time evaporates in this meeting of deep intention, paint, and canvas. The canvas is my gate to step into the zone.

Each painting is a challenge because of this delicate dance between ownership and total surrender. Because of the depth of the concepts, I translate and the intensity of the emotions I explore on the canvas, the painting evolves through several layers or ‘underpaintings’.

The first time I saw paintings done using layers was in 1983 in my hometown of Duesseldorf at an exhibition from Francis Picabia. His broad body of work refused to align to any style and confounded art critics during his lifetime. That lasting impression was something I reconnected with 37 years later as an artist.

When I paint a Juicy Life Leader Portrait for you, or a ‘mood shaping abstract painting’ for one of your spaces I know that this complex production process leads to art pieces that radiate their message subliminally to you, art pieces that infuse your spaces with positive energies and that empower you on your journey of becoming. The unique foundation of those paintings is YOU! I coach you first, then I create a painting that holds your process, your stories, your symbols, your codes, and colors...

I know my art is transformational for myself and everyone who buys it. For me, art should be enjoyed in whatever way possible, and the amazing technology in my online printing store makes me ridiculously happy because it allows people anywhere in the world and you to own household objects with my work on it for an affordable price. I don’t want my art only on the walls of my home or of just a few of my clients when technology offers the possibility to touch more people than my original art pieces ever could.

And since November 2020 I own my own fashion label of wearable art so you can literally wear my art on your body! And if you commission a coaching + art painting from me, your painting might turn into a fashion line with pieces you wear or gift clients, team members, or family members...

Empowering individuals around the world is my form of political activism.
The patriarchal system has encaged and wounded us long enough!
It's time to go wild!

May my art products consecrate the mundane, and bring joy and empowerment to many.
May you come home within yourself, experiencing yourself as whole, free, and utterly alive.

That is what I call a "Juicy Life Leader"!

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