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Time To Go Wild

Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $9000

Do you remember the moment you lost your wildness? When society’s demands either through your parents or teachers or other authority figures took your ‘magic’ away?
Your curiosity about life?
Your ability to see what others can’t?
To believe in the impossible?
Your power to create?

“Time to go wild” reminds you that - maybe over a cup of tea or hot chocolate - by watching an eagle soaring through the skies or watching a butterfly drinking…. Underneath our orderly ordinary lives lays a hidden wildness that brings you back alive!

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She Who Knows

Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $5800

Enjoying this original painting in your office or living room or as a print on your smartphone case, bag, or yoga mat will infuse you with a sense of optimism, confidence, and eager anticipation for your life. Why? Because it metaphorically depicts the power of your intuition that translates cosmic messages (see the letters and words surrounding the spiritual antennae) into visions for your future.
“She who knows” is your companion to make decisions with clarity and peace of mind and look optimistically into your future!


Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $9000

"Pusteblume" is the German word for dandelion. We all grow from the 'seeds' of our lineage, our own past experiences, and the collective consciousness. In turn, we all influence and impact the world with our own seeds whether we want to or not. Sometimes we do this consciously and intentionally. Yet much of the time we are oblivious and unaware of how we impact the world around us.

The original was not for sale for a while because it is very personal with intimate stories and meaning behind everything you see. At the same time, the symbols are universal and you may feel your own story or memory triggered when you look at it. The strong public reactions convinced me to let go and share it with the world too.

You can buy prints of the whole painting or some of the details, hoping that seeing the symbols of Pusteblume will remind you to be aware of the seeds that made you and the seeds you blow daily into the world.

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Blaue Blume

Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $7000

whole life there has been a fire burning in my soul. I felt a 'pain of separation' that always seemed to move further into the distance the closer I walked toward it... The Blue Flower ('Blaue Blume' in German),  is a symbol of the romanticized longing for something elusive on the horizon.  I painted Blaue Blume in May and June 2020 after George Floyd was brutally murdered by police on an American street, triggering nationwide protests against police brutality. The following weeks brought the collective pain of racism not only in the USA yet all around the world to the surface.  In seeking to understand the pain of racism more deeply, I found out that in 1851 a German historian  -Johann Friedrich Blumenbach - coined the names and colors of the five races now covering the face and hand of the painting's archetype. Blaue Blume is a complex painting. It is rich in symbolism and invites you to read it like a "book on canvas™" using your body's reactions to the many symbols as a way to decipher your feelings about race and racism.  What emotion is triggered in you? 


Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $5800

'Access' invites you to question how most of us were trained to over-emphasize the linear logical mind and inspires you to intentionally operate differently at work and in private when it comes to decision-making and designing projects.

Start any project by holding the core idea in your right brain hemisphere, letting it drop into your heart, and gaining strength through the power of love. Move back into your right brain and then into your left brain where supportive structures and processes are added to your thought process.

Aligning both hemispheres with your heart gives you ACCESS to clear visions that turn into the treasure maps of your own life.
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At Ease

Acrylic on canvas
36 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $2800

I painted "At Ease" in the summer of 2022 after a time of inner battles around new diet rules I got from my doctor to prevent diabetes and a heart attack. I felt my life was taken over by my body's need for a healthier lifestyle, my discipline to do sports, reading the fine print of all food I bought, and studying restaurant menus with a magnifying glass to ensure I ate healthily. I felt I had lost my ease and joy. Painting this archetypal woman who dreams of herself dancing unashamedly and freely mirrored my own dream. Painting the reverberating lines, swirls and waves moved the energy of resistance against my own discipline out of my body and liberated me from the heaviness of "living a healthy lifestyle". I hope that whatever heaviness you deal with in your life, that "At Ease" fills your space with the frequency of joy and lightness. So that you too can dance again unashamedly!    

This is who I am

Acrylic on canvas
60 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $ 15 000
"This is who I am" is a demanding painting of 60" by 48". Full of symbolism and meaning, it dares you to come closer and explore hidden layers, symbols, and stories of pain and healing, blockages and liberation, restriction and expansiveness. The core message is that the past shaped you to this point and you have the power to rewrite the past and choose a different future right here, right now. It also comforts you with a reminder that cracks are the fault lines in our life that let the light come in. "This is who I am" is a magical mirror for the complexity and abundance that creates the unique you.
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Acrylic on canvas
48 by 48 inches
original for sale: US $ 12 000
"Shangrila" is a painting with multiple very different underpaintings combining field theory, and ancient symbols, honoring the classic four elements - water, air, fire, earth - neuroscience, fairy tales, and more ... creating a magical and enchanting world of abundance that offers you a portal on top of the giant magical center flower. You as the bright blue stick figure can joyfully step through it into your own motherboard of consciousness where you have the power to shape your own beliefs and with that your results in life. This painting reminds you that joy, abundance, and happiness are just one shift of perspective away. Enjoy wearable fashion with "Shangrila" prints here.

Dance to the Music of Your Own Heart

Acrylic on canvas
12 by 12 inches
original for sale: US $ 480
I learned in September 2021 that I had a heart defect and early stages of coronary artery disease and both conditions combined led to a very high risk to die of a heart attack...  
Painting this painting helped me to move through the layers of intense emotions and to come to a place of trusting my heart, listening to its music, and caring for my body and health like never before. A year later, I am 10 pounds lighter, much fitter, and live with a completely different diet and exercise regime. I love my heart and wish you to dance to your heart's music too.
"Love Abounds" is titled by a private art collector who bought this painting. I was painting it in preparation for Valentine's Day 2022. The painting has many layers of leaves, seeds, animal footprints, energetic bursts and swirls, and symbols of energy and movement. It was my intuitive capturing of the frequency of love and how I experienced it running through my body.
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Love Abounds

Acrylic on canvas
60 by 48 inches
Sold to local private art collector
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