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Weight on us comes in many forms

- heavy mood
- heavy thoughts
- lack of energy
- restless nights
- resistance to daily tasks
- lack of motivation at work
- little to no humor
- edgy-ness
- achyness in body
- stubborn body fat
- foggy mind
- difficulty to make decisions
- disconnect from our own intuition
- isolation from others

Three big causes of this weight for women are:

1. old stories we keep telling our selves which are putting us down

2. fears and worries which are habitual

3. responsibilities we took on which are not really ours to carry yet external pressure, shoulds and internal guilt make us hold on to them.

In this deeply transformational process of over two weeks you will discover several of your causes of “weight on you” and will release them!

How releasing this weight might feel and look:

- more lightness
- a sense of a fresh start
- higher level of energy
- brighter mood
- peace around specific past experiences that haunted you  
- a sense of liberation
- more freedom to express yourself
- motivation to act upon your dreams
- closer connection to your self
- better sleep
- less food cravings
- weightloss without dieting
- different groove when walking
- a sparkle in your eyes
- radiant skin
- more spontaneous desire to move your body
What do you want and expect to feel and experience when your “weight on you” is lifted?
Let's explore this topic together! Let's release what weighs us down!  Let's paint our "Feather Archetype of Lightness"!

When: TBD
Time: 10 am till 8 pm

Where: Private outdoor studio in my home's back yard in Vista California

Things you get to keep:
- Your painting on professional gallery wrapped heavy duty canvas level 2 size 20x 24 inches
- New set of 8 color professional Golden fluid acrylic paint bottles 
- Bag of brushes of different seizes (untoushed new for you)

Process parts:
1. Zoom group call to get ready Monday Sep 7th at 8 pm PST 45 min
2. One day playshop on Sat the 12th
3. Zoom group call to integrate, share insights, shifts, messages from your archetype and celebrate

Investment for the whole playshop facilitation: $249 plus $70 for material cost = $329

Additonal things you need to bring:
- Mask for entering and leaving the property and for using the bathroom inside my home
- Art journal with white paper and no lines ( we need that for Zoom call 1 and every other step of the process!)
- Pen, pencils, a few markers
- Printed and signed COVID 19 waiver (I'll send it to you in your welcome email.)
- Snacks and drinks for breaks (sadly during the pandemic I can't feed you)
- Dress comfortable, for the outdoors, yet also with the danger in mind that some paint might drop on your clothes!
- Apron to protect your clothes if you like
- Style: If you want to support the theme of the workshop: wear colors, flowy light cuts and fabric, super comfortable, nothing heavy or restricting! Go a bit 'wild' or 'unusual' if you feel like it!
- Shoes: comfortable for standing, gentle dancing, walking through a wild garden
- Sweater/jacket/wrap for the evening chill. We will have a fire-ceremony after dinner in the dark!

In the unlikely event we have rain in California we will move into my big open doors garage.
If you have further questions, please call me at: 248 - 613 8965

Limited to four women to practice social distancing.
Registration is possible till Sunday September 6th.

Will you join us to allow more lightness into your life?
I'm looking forward to show you the magic of Intentional Creativity!
Yes, I'm ready to paint off my weight! 
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I'm looking forward to our magical time together:
Imagine to have a visual archetype of your new found lightness hanging in your home.
Imagine how you will feel when you have released false fears, outdates stories and unhealthy responsibility.
Image how much more energy you will have and what the new unstoppable you will do with it!