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The Big Shift

Online Playshop on Zoom October 2nd 9 am till 10 am PST

Can be as simple as getting unstuck.
Can feel like shaking out foggyness and dust from our brain.
Can be magical from a sense of doom to inspiration and hope.

Feeling stuck is common and can show up as:

- struggling to concentrate
- heavy thoughts
- feeling as if walking in circles
- doubting everything
- procrastinating work
- resistance to daily tasks
- lack of motivation at work
- little to no humor
- edgy-ness
- lack of ideas
- foggy mind
- difficulty to make decisions
- disconnected from our own intuition
- repeating patterns against better knowing
- lack of follow-through and more!

What if with just one piece of paper and one pen

you can get yourself unstuck, free, inspired, and refreshed in a matter of under 10 minutes?

When: Friday October 2nd 2020

Time: 9 am till 10 am PST

Where: Online on Zoom (link will be provided via email with reminder 15 min before start of the online playshop)
Things to have at hand: one letter seize piece of paper, one pen, one journal, glass of water
Investment for the playshop facilitation on Zoom plus access to the replay through email $29

This is also the perfect intro-playshop to understand what Intentional Creativity (R) is and get a taste of my facilitation style without any major commitment regarding time, money or shopping for material.
It's a process from the comfort of your desk any time with the simple material you already have.

Will you join us and learn how to unstuck yourself using a simple meta-cognitive drawing tool?
I'm looking forward to show you the magic of Intentional Creativity!
Yes, I'm ready to make the big shift! 
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I'm looking forward to our creative time together:
Imagine to have a simple self-development tool any time at hand to get unstuck!
Imagine how it will feel to start reconnecting with your innate creativity!
Image how much more energy and joy you will experience when you can shift yourself easy and fast!